Twin Flames Healing Activation

  • The sessions Explains why the TF union is intense and profoundly life changing
  • How to balance yourself and bring about centredness & understanding of the magnitude of this life explosion at the soul level
  • Activate, awaken and open up your higher soul grids to bring on your life mission and soul purpose
  • Alleviate your soul pain and heart suffering Through techniques and activating soul meridians through the eyes
  • To assist you to get a grip of this phenomenon of depth of love that catapults you into a higher and different sphere to your life prior to connection with your ten on this plane
  • I’ll teach you how to bring about radical Self love and deep self regard and acceptance. You’ll hold yourself so differently after going through the activations , awakenings and encodings I do for you in your soul sound frequencies. Then you can assist the planet on it’s trajectory  of evolution and opening to new grids of light & love experienced at a whole new level , the intricacies of unconditional love

Full Description

Twinflames are advanced Souls (many not even knowing they are!) until they meet their divine counter part in another person reflected to them at the soul/ energetic level. It happens quite unexpectedly and usually very intense connection occurs between them bringing eventually into a separated energy so each Twin can work on their own issues, complete soul contracts, finalise Karma with other people, open up to their soul gifts & abilities, learn how to be whole within their own unified energy field. With this level of intense radical change within the soul of each twin it can bring the most incredible love ever felt, they begin to feel alive and know deeply they were meant to experience this depth at a very innate level. Some other partners come close but nothing compares to the connection to the twin. It can also topple each twin with intense pain, suffering, deep deep sadness, soul depression and no means or ways to want to live or do anything for a certain time. The true journey begins then for each twin to begin to heal, to love more fully, learn what it means to truly love unconditionally, become more expanded within, fill in the emptiness, to learn to live in another energy field prior to meeting their counter-part. Its a journey of radical self love. Some twins are in union working through nuances of their union usually have planned it this way at the soul level to assist the ascension of the planet and anchor certain frequencies upon the earth to facilitate the permeation of light. Many other twins work through these frequencies separately until both become whole,

balanced and able to hold their own yin/yang within thyself first. What this does is allow both twins to remain intact and in the self intensively so when both fields unite they raise one another to higher levels of consciousness and depth of love never experienced before. Both can then hold that without toppling or repelling the energies of one another.

In the Twin flame sessions or activations you have with me, I am able to tap into our INDIVIDUAL soul signature sound frequency and re-activate you to higher frequencies within yourself, empower your own grids of light, awaken and activate your potentiality and work through your own traumas, pain, hurts and contracts that must be completed and healed prior to re-meeting or re-unifying with your twin if thats what the souls have agreed to prior to re-incarnation. Its a very very deeply healing journey into the self, delving deep into your unconscious to bring back wholeness, healing and oneness into thyself. If soul re-union is going to occur this process must occur first and each twin must do it separately , it almost like they aren’t allowed to support each other through this process as they carry similar wounds at the polarity hence it would only accelerate and intensify they’re division until each do their own healing.

As a twin myself I approach this JOURNEY with you empathetically, very delicately and with deep honour, compassion, love and a very grounded and centred way to assist you to navigate your soul journey through this mammoth labyrinth of change, evolution, love and acceleration of your soul.

How It Works

Healings can take place in person, over Skype or by telephone. In person healings take place in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Byron Bay. Please check travel schedule below for location before booking your session.

The exact location (street address) of healings varies, Once you have made a booking Raghida will contact you with the exact location. The rough locations for each city are as follows:

Sydney: Eastern Suburbs
Melbourne: CBD
Brisbane: CBD
Adelaide: CBD

A typical Twin Flames Healing session takes 1.5 hours and energy exchange $2222.00.

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Twin Flames Healing session energy exchange $333.00 for 33 minute session with Raghida.

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Note: In person healings take place in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Byron Bay. Please check the travel schedule below before booking your healing session. For future dates not listed below please check the travel schedule here.


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