Soul Empowerment and Enhancement

“The power is in you. The answer is in you & you are the answer to all your searches. You are the goal, you are the answer. It’s never outside.” Echkart Tolle

How accurately and intricately captured by the amazing Echkart Tolle. We are the answers to all our “perceived” problems, we are the sage for the wisdom required within, we are the love seeking to be received outside of us, we are the light yearning to be fulfilled in form, we are the stars ready to rupture in service to the all as we begin to awaken within. The answers to all our hearts desires and all we yearn to attain in this Earthly plane are within. Everything is contained first and foremost within. It’s the acceptance of yourself and the looking within that brings this energy into form. We all have unique indelible gold ink inscribed into our DNA awaiting its full potentiality to be-come alive and activated through awareness, being totally present, in the body, ready to receive our self fully. This process of awakening happens through deep deep self love and deep acceptance of who we are! Every single human being is enough & glory emanates from them fully when they’re are ready to turn on the indelible gold ink into light form. Everything in this format is available. We be-come enlightened, alive, awake, flourishing, thriving, aware, in-love, in-light, in-compassed. It gives you meaning and purpose to wake up with passion every day. You become so content & deeply fulfilled when you realise the search was for you to be-come you in your authenticity simply yet intricately. The journey of spirituality and enlightenment is twofold. It’s the coming home into the self and the co-joining with the pure awareness of the ALL. Meaning knowing and deeply embodying the self as a unique divine blue print DNA yet the connection to the ALL through our pure light of awareness. The Holographic field is the all and we are an infinite emanation of the holographic field. We are the infinite being expressed in this form for a moment in this 3rd Dimensional Plane. It’s time to embrace your indelible unique gold ink and bring your essence into form.

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