Soul Ascension / 5D Activations

  • Awaken, activate and open your DNA to your highest potential
  • Bring in center balance and love into your souls point of light
  • Experience being very present, access pure awareness into a point of stillness
  • Open and awakens the gifts of your soul, divine purpose and connects you deeply into your soul conciouness
  • These sessions are highly individualised and tailored to your own energetic blue print.
  • Shift your consciousness from the 3D (mental body) to the 5D (soul body) consciousness.

Full Description

In these sacred sessions of Soul Ascension & 5D Activations they deeply and powerfully permeate through your level of soul facilitating instant healing, awakening and calibrating your DNA thats been dormant into a state of openness and expansion. Its a very gentle yet profound experience where you will be calibrated into your higher wisdom, experience pure present awareness, activate & placed into a deep feeling of centre, balance and love into your point of light.

Sacred Geometry, Sacred Maths, Voice Activation, Eye to Eye Calibrations & imparting of Channeled Wisdom directly to you from your soul into your
temple so the integration happens seamlessly and with divine flow into your mind , body and spirit. These sessions allow and open many multidimensional gifts of your soul into current consciousness in order to awaken you to your divine purpose, higher soul mission and soul mastery in particular aspects that have deep meaning for you in this life time.

These sessions are very individualised and very tailored to your soul essence requirement for evolution, higher awareness and the imparting of your soul gifts into this lifetime into your highest soul light for your Ascension gateways. You will feel higher vibrations of peace, stillness and a deep level of connection to YOUR Inner Self; With kind consideration and compassion to your soul. You will feel a sense of purpose beyond your physical domain into the scared chambers of your essence where the true wellspring of life resides eternally awaiting your journey back home into your magnificent Higher Self . Ascension and 5D are vibrations and frequencies of deep love, bliss, awakening & opening up to your highest possible evolution at this time in human consciousness . During these powerful sessions the frequency of 444 is calibrated into your cellular memory to bring about mastery of the soul into your current physicality .

How It Works

Healings can take place in person, over Skype or by telephone. In person healings take place in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Byron Bay. Please check the travel schedule below for location before booking your session.

The exact location (street address) of healings varies, Once you have made a booking Raghida will contact you with the exact location. The rough locations for each city are as follows:

Sydney: Eastern Suburbs
Melbourne: CBD
Brisbane: CBD
Adelaide: CBD

A typical Soul Ascension / 5D Activation session takes 1.5 hours and energy exchange $2222.00.

To book please use the form below.


Soul Ascension / 5D Activation energy exchange $666

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Note: In person healings take place in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Byron Bay. Please check the travel schedule below before booking your healing session. For future dates not listed below please check the travel schedule here.


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