Shamanic Healings

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  • Clear genetic, karmic, ancestral and familial imprints in your luminous energy field
  • Repair, restore, regenerate and heal DNA imprints to higher frequency
  • Release of past life, active energy threads effecting your current life and awareness
  • Deep soul work including soul retrieval, soul extraction, soul fragmentation and soul splintering
  • Reseting the body of light i.e. (energetic body) back into balance and homeostasis with the physical, emotional and mental bodies
  • Coming into deep connection with mother earth, The Great Spirit, The Upper Worlds, Middle Worlds and Lower Worlds. Learning how to hold you point of stillness in the middle of the medicine wheel

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These sessions are very interactive, powerful & deeply shift a lot in a very acute space of Oceanic time. Shamanic healings work with innately with the elements, the light body, the multidimensional existence of your other aspects in different momentum tunnels & dimensions to bring you back to your intrinsic true self. Shamanic Healings facilitate your physical body and your matrix body of light to break through Genetic, Karmic, Familial, imbalanced DNA imprints & Ancestral blocks back into right relations & AYNI (meaning right action/ right love/ right wisdom). The shamanic healings reset your body of light (energetic bodies) with your physical body (emotional, physical & mental bodies) back to wellness, harmony and homeostasis.

When a soul becomes aware to remove pastlife imprints, blockages, wounds, physical ailments that run through the ancestral lines, karmic binds, severe emotional wounding, imprints of disasters or Genetic impairments that are passed down generation to generation, the shamanic tracking facilitated in this session will go back in time to the source of the imprint and remove it through various techniques according to whats best required in the session. it could involve a soul extraction, a soul retrieval , re-calibrating soul splintering, re-weaving of soul fragmentation or soul fracking back to wholeness. its a deeply healing process and shifts lineages and ancestral imprints that may have plagued families for many generations.

in the sessions I work with 4 main animal instinct archetypes , 4 gatekeepers of different realms, the Inka Lineage , My Powerful Medicine Shamanic Guides, The Golden Chain of Healers that have walked this earth before us and the Ancestors . Once the imprint is healed a process of working with the elements, Nature, Pachamama, The Celestial Realms, the 4 different Chambers of the Soul & the personal soul altar created ; these beautiful combinations will bring back divine dispensation, karmic liberation, soul freedom & divine grace back to the individual.

The Sacred Shamanic Transmissions, Rites & Initiations Sessions:-

Are very sacred honouring session/s that bring you back into absolute wholeness, balance, ONENESS, Unconditional Love and Unity deeply into your cells, your DNA, your becoming and your essence of pure light to shine forth once more. They are usually facilitated in Sacred Ceremony through third eye to eye transmissions , the torus blown into your chakras and power centres. Much honouring is given to Pachamama, the Elements, the Mineral Kingdom, the Plant kingdom, the Magical Animal Kingdom the Celestial Realm, The Great Spirit & the Different Planets, Galaxy & Greater Central Sun. It re-calibrates to the atomic level of your being back into your inner nervous system synapsis connection and your outer connectedness to all forms of life. Allowing you to see in truth how we all emanate from the one Source of light, expressed and holographed through our own unique divine blue print. It Will deeply integrate you to all that is and all that will be throughout Eternity. These Sacred Transmissions really facilitate your connection to everything and everyone, bringing about a strong sense of belonging and opening to higher levels of Evolution and Wisdom beyond this third dimensional plane. These divine Initiations bring a deep deep silence of your soul into the Still Lake within you. You’ll feel a quiet humming in your soul and in your centre after each activation .

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Healings can take place in person, over Skype or by telephone. In person healings take place in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Byron Bay. Please check travel schedule below for location before booking your session.

The exact location (street address) of healings varies, Once you have made a booking Raghida will contact you with the exact location. The rough locations for each city are as follows:

Sydney: Eastern Suburbs
Melbourne: CBD
Brisbane: CBD
Adelaide: CBD

A typical shamanic healing session takes 1.5 hours and energy exchange $2222.00.

To book please use the form below.

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Shamanic Healing energy exchange $2,222.00.

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Book a Shamanic Healing

Note: In person healings take place in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Byron Bay. Please check the travel schedule below before booking your healing session. For future dates not listed below please check the travel schedule here.


Upcoming Travel Schedule:

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