One Tribe One Humanity One Spirit Shamanic Heart

One tribe, One humanity, One Essence, Power to the People, Wisdom to our Nations, Love in our Communities, Unity within our Homes, Beautiful Divine Sacred Love between Lovers. This is my prayer and commitment to live, share and teach this way of life to everyone I touch and share sacred space with. This is how we become the holders of the sacred teachings for the next generation/s. The evolutionary change is “within the generation” not “the next generation”. It’s time to embrace your sacredness, live humbly upon this sacred earth, connect intimately with nature, honour all living beings, honour yourself deeply, live intently & passionately with presence and commitment to your loved one/s. that’s the change in evolution, that’s the contribution to humanity for betterment. Better yourself! Be kind to yourself! Be honouring to yourself! Be in humbleness & compassion to yourself. Love yourself intently and hold your sacred flame within your “own” heart shining so it lights the way for others to step into their sacredness upon this Earth. That’s how we evolve, that’s how we make a difference by embodying this in our own lives. Living in our own truth of what deeply matters to our own heart, honouring ourself deeply, accepting only self respect and self dignity from ourself and not allowing “anyone or anything” to interfere with that. Hold your standards high and impeccably that only souls who carry this essence may meet you there. At the same time accepting and honouring where every soul is on their journey and respecting them with non-judgment and deep compassion, hold them in grace & in sacred prayer. It gives them permission to be & grow according to their own innate wisdom and soul evolutionary pace. Just this shift in consciousness opens up a way for peace, space, openness, surrender to catalyse a shift in you! It releases constriction, expectations, demands or control that require the polarity to bring about One Circle of our human tribe back into the merged colours of the Red brother, yellow brother,black brother and the white brotherhood of light back upon this magnificent Earth.

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