Mind Body & Spirit Activation

In our Sphere of life it’s so important to take care of the four aspects of our essence which mirrors the essence of Earth, Air, Fire and Water. What connects our essence to the essence of Nature is the primal life force of our breath. That’s the Prana/ Chi/ life Force of God, when we tap into our breath and connect deeply into our body immediately that opens up gateways (neural pathways) into our mind and elevation into higher consciousness through our spirit. It does this by allowing access to the deeper parts of our brain called the pre-frontal lobes where the pineal and pituitary gland are aligned perfectly in with the fibanacci sequence codes. It’s pivotal that we nourish, serve, devote, love, accept and excel in our bodies through exercise, yoga, dance, breath, reduce all toxicity, consume less acidic foods and beverages, detox and purify the body, rest, relaxation, divine sex, ample nourishment & play. For our mind it’s pivotal we breathe deeply into the moment, be in the now, reduce the mind chatter, empty thoughts that aren’t conducive to our wellbeing, be in the stillness of motion(ie.really present), activate the pineal, sun -gaze, stimulate the mind with immense passion and dedication, remain completely grounded, breathe into your centre and align with the higher self. For our Spirit it’s so crucial to pray, meditate, rest, reflect, be of service, connect to our higher self, illuminate the soul, devote thyself to growth & expansion, Access high states of awareness, deepen our faith and align with Gods Will. These practices bring forth an absolute feeling /overhaul of wellness, wholeness, lightness, oneness, expansion and tremendous growth of the soul into higher states of evolution. It activates DNA light codes of truth, gifts and wisdoms to come forth from within through grace & light of our soul shining. When we tend to our magnificent essence gently, kindly and with absolute devotion we be-come the happiest, holiest, healthiest we can be. It truly is sublime to be in this state living and imbuing the oneness and wholeness of who we truly are.

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