Mind Body Soul Healing

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  • Activation of the sacred Masculine & Feminine Spiritual / Sexual grids
  • the 13th Dimension , 12 Chakra Access & Light body Activations
  • Working with the Higher consciousness & Higher Soul Awakening/ Soul Divine Destiny
  • Mastery of Ascension and 5th frequency Embodiment
  • Master Modality Transmissions & Higher Ascension Activations and Awakening
  • Sacred Frequency Encoding and High Ascension Activations

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These beautiful integrative healing sessions work in divine alignment and perfect harmony of merging, clearing, healing, upgrading, re-connecting, re-wiring and re-establishing complete balance and lightness of your entire system. They bring about a crystal clear clarity of mind, a deep wellness and depth of breath back into your body decoupling the fight/ flight response and enabling the Neo cortex and Prefrontal Lobes of The God Brain into leadership. This Brings back a lightness to mind, a stillness of thoughts, and a focus into being present and really aware and deeply in the Now Moment . At the Physical level you’ll find a comfort back in your temple , ailments begin to heal as breath begins to filtrate deeper and remove the toxins, debris, grit, residue, calcified buildup & stagnation out of your system through detoxification. A process will be given to you in how to cleanse your body, your Ayurvedic bio-rythyms, how to harmonise your body and resetting your Endocrine Energy Grids, Plasma flow in your body and efficiency in flow and movement, correction of chakra, meridian and power centre into the +ve , -ve charge principles of Quantum Physics of your matrix. These healing principles merged with soul awareness, awakening & the healing balm of love integrated through your Shunia , Nadis, Auric and Subtle bodies begin the gentle process of weaving the mind body spirit connection into wholeness, wellness and higher energy capacity. Each system feeds into one another and forms cross grids into deep stillness, peace, acceptance and deeper self love of self . In this flowing sensual session you will feel a deeper connection to your body and its intricacies into what it requires to bring it back into vitality and wellness of being. In the mental realm you’ll feel a clarity and quiet stillness within with some very simple anchoring techniques and with your soul it will become a vessel of grace and lightness of being as it gently opens and expresses itself through your temple and conduit into wholeness and unity of self . its so sacred to work with all aspects of your being to bring an inner unity and cohesion of love, light and peace within. It allows you to settle into your essence with so much acceptance and regard for who and what you are, a divine holy child of God/ Goddess. You’ll feel such a connection to the ALL you will see your part in creating a higher level of awareness and awakening into our sacredness as a collective human soul and individual soul. Both are pivotal at this of Evolution to coming into our sacredness and fullness on the arena of mind, body and soul.

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Healings can take place in person, over Skype or by telephone. In person healings take place in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Byron Bay. Please check travel schedule below for location before booking your session.

The exact location (street address) of healings varies, Once you have made a booking Raghida will contact you with the exact location. The rough locations for each city are as follows:

Sydney: Eastern Suburbs
Melbourne: CBD
Brisbane: CBD
Adelaide: CBD

A typical Mind Body Soul session takes 1.5 hours and energy exchange $2222.00.

To book please use the form below.

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Mind Body Soul healing energy exchange $2,222.00.

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Book a Mind Body Soul Healing

Note: In person healings take place in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Byron Bay. Please check the travel schedule below before booking your healing session. For future dates not listed below please check the travel schedule here.


Upcoming Travel Schedule:

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