Merkabah Field Around The Human Body

The Merkabah, Star of David (ascension vehicle) as its better known by the ancients was used to access the light body and to travel astrally amongst Dimensions. This was an advanced technique activated around the body 1.7m in longitude forming a spinning electromagnetic field in conjunct/counterpart to the earths EMF. The upper tetrahedran (equal sided-triangle) is known as the masculine component, it spins clockwise : features it includes are alpha, solarlogis, colour white, positive charge, masculine principle, light, yang, celestial frequency & rotation clockwise. The bottom tetrahedron is the female component; it spins anti-clockwise: features include : omega, lunarley, colour black, negative charge, feminine principle, dark, yin, earth gateway, rotation anti-clockwise. When these two forces fuse they form zero point at the centre and it propels into motion e=mc2, meaning it lifts off up the gravitational pull to create a sphere of light and accesses higher codes, frequencies and ascension portals much like a different bandwidth on a radio. This taps into higher vibrations, lightcodes, starseeds,sacredgeomancy into ancient advanced wisdoms and knowledge. The pulse comes through the Christed-Heart (Hypothalmus/higherheart) and channels wisdom into the current body your residing in. The transference is instant and the meridian channels just open to bring forth & awaken this encoded wisdom already in our DNA. It activates ancient knowings, gifts, modalities, techniques & wisdoms into this current dimensional exisistence. The Merkabah around the body in the “Davinci Position” creates this and rotating the upper tetrahedran clockwise into element fire and connecting into the cosmic gateway; then spinning anti-clockwise the bottom tetrahedran element fire and anchoring it into the inner earth. The degrees are crucial and the breath to match. During the altered state the transference and activation of those attunement begin live time into your pineal and pituatory glands. This opens up the 5D gateways into humanity.

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