Medicine Wheel Training

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Its the highest calling to be Shaman in this lifetime. Its a vocation of dedication to your soul, to the Earth, to the Great Spirit , to all sentient beings and the Universe and how it swirls in our Galaxy. In the Medicine Wheel Training there are 4 directions that represent South, West, North & East. Each direction is studied individually & intensely through story telling, ceremony, initiations, shamanic experiences, technical teachings and transmissions. Each direction is 4-5 duration of intense immersed training in regions right around Australia including Byron Bay, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane & ULURU. The journey of becoming a Shaman is the Greatest honour and one to be held with the greatest integrity and to be held with strong light, truth, light and purpose of dedication to service. When a soul is called to walk the path of the Shaman they go through the journey of the Wounded Healer into the Sage .

A Shaman doesn’t collude with the morals of the time but rather becomes self referencing & works with the constructs of nature and the cyclical rhythms of nature.

you delve deeply in to the chambers of the soul and can uphold the shifting worlds, having a foothold in this world and a foothold in other worlds for the greater good of yourself, your tribe and your clients when you commence practising .

If you feel called to this sacred powerful path, kindly email me further on and i would be honoured to go through it further with you and assess the timing of your soul in accordance with this Sacred path.

If you are interested in Medicine Wheel Training please complete the contact form below.

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Medicine Wheel Training $2,222.00.

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If you are interested in the mentoring program please complete the form below.



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