Divine Union / Masculine Feminine Principle

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  • These sacred sessions assist you to prepare to me in a High level divine union , high initiate soul counterpart , high evolution partnership
  • If you’re in a relationship it will assist in evolving your current relations into higher soul unions
  • Assist you deeply into becoming untied within with your masculine : feminine principles
  • Opening you up to becoming a calm , centred, whole and deeply united within yourself. This gives your vibration a whole new level of standing , a presence within you that emanates strength and power yet gentle and subtly effective
  • It resets your grids to Right relationship of being feminine and masculine within and how to hold both equally and with divine presence and power to assist your relations With others , yourself & in the world
  • It reflects a deep inner awakening of inner peace , deep centredness , stillness , being completely present and owning your journey with confidence , empowerment , courage, self assured and self honoured . Such a sacred way to be in the world effecting / impacting others in such a positive and light filled way

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These sessions are amazing for bringing in union of the self into balance, higher evolution & incredible confidence, courage to pursue your hearts truest desire, hold centre and trust implicitly in your souls evolution and what you’re here to do at this time in human evolution and your souls innate journey into expansion and growth. You will learn how to take your relationships to the next level INTO deeper love, stronger communication, passion re-ignited and more depth in your sacred unions if you’re already in one. Otherwise get ready for the ride of your life where I will assist you intently and very present to bring you into deep centre, balance and unity with your masculine and feminine principles within. This process is very profound and life changing, you will feel the “inner voice” war and divisions over! You’ll begin to feel strong yet gentle, powerful yet vulnerable, firm yet flowing, disciplined yet surrendered to higher forces working through you. You will learn how to deeply nourish yourself, honour yourself and hold deep self respect & high self esteem becomes proficient & paramount. I will teach, activate , awaken, open your sensory system to higher frequencies, give you a lot of self knowledge, techniques and a holding of your self to your core of true worth and innately value yourself for the incredible human being YOU are! You will feel ready to meet your highest possible love in this life-time by holding yourself to higher codes you will attract a different vibration & caliber of person into your life. As you hold higher values, morals, self conduct the universe will deliver in kind the same attraction vibe. In these sessions i will assist you deeply to access your masculine / feminine grids so strongly that it will only allow you to keep flying and accessing higher vibrations of love, passion, awakening, experiences and a very fulfilled inner life. This helps tremendously to bring you into a very fulfilled soul joyful life where you can coalesce the best from within yourself to gift your unique souls gifts to the planet at this very pertinent time in history, at the precipice of the Age / time of light .

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Healings can take place in person, over Skype or by telephone. In person healings take place in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Byron Bay. Please check travel schedule for location below before booking your session.

The exact location (street address) of healings varies, Once you have made a booking Raghida will contact you with the exact location. The rough locations for each city are as follows:

Sydney: Eastern Suburbs
Melbourne: CBD
Brisbane: CBD
Adelaide: CBD

A typical Divine Union / Masculine Feminine Principle session takes 1.5 hours and energy exchange $2222.00.

To book please use the form below.

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Divine Union / Masculine Feminine Principle energy exchange $2222.00.

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Book a Divine Union / Masculine Feminine Principle Healing

Note: In person healings take place in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Byron Bay. Please check the travel schedule below before booking your healing session. For future dates not listed below please check the travel schedule here.


Upcoming Travel Schedule:

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