Awakening of our Ancient Shamanic Ways

Every living Soul is a custodian of our planet, it’s our responsibility to walk upon this Earth with lightness, impeccability to our inner urgings, to do no harm to the plant kingdom, animal kingdom, mineral kingdom, to tread eloquently upon the rich moist soil beneath us. We have obligation as caretakers to care for all sentient beings and leave no footprints other than a legacy of love, awakening, duty of care & kindness to whom all we touch and connect with. There are seeds of hope that are planted in our soul long before our arrival on this magnificent blue planet. It’s the seeds of igniting sparks, of awakening, of faith, of light & love from our spirit. This is our service to the magnificent earth and to our own evolution. We have contracted with other souls to master aspects of our souls evolution through relations & relationships. Each interaction giving us exactly what was asked for to grow our soul and grow our essence & to attain mastery of our infinite souls evolution. Some relations being challenging, some devotional, some loving, some serving, some difficult; all serving only love and truth beneath the illusion of how these relations present. Allow your seeds of Hope and awakening to be in right relationship & honour with the Great Mother, the Great Father and all sentient beings. Walk in peace , emanate peace and allow the centre of the medicine wheel to become your anchor. The path of the Shaman is to be in harmony with the self, with nature and with all sentient beings. There are no enemies other than than inner demons of our own making, as we come into a place within the centre of ourself , we realise it’s the minds call of judgement, unkindness, harshness, cruelty and non acceptance of the self is the issue, it’s only reflected externally because it’s internally out of balance. Come into your quiet calm inner silence & be at one connect deeply. Let the voice of god resonate you and speak to you through the beats in your heart and the pulse in your veins.This will bring you into your zero point where nothing and everything exists simultaneously

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