About Raghida

Raghida is a Soul Healer , Shaman and 5D Ascension Activator. She has been a well known healer in the industry for over 15 years.

Her passion is to facilitate change and bring every soul she touches back to Harmony, Peace & Equilibrium within. Her divine soul mission is to work with people all over the world to bring forth their highest potentiality in whatever the inner urgings of their heart calls forth . Her ability is to access the chambers of the soul within and see what their gifts , life mission , passion , soul yearning and commitment to wholeness of the overall wellbeing of the Soul into Self Mastery.

Raghida is able to gently coalesce the mind, body soul connection into a unified grid through her 5D activations and Sacred Geometric Templates which she binds and awakens at the cellular level for each person individually . This assists individuals to move from 3D into the embodiment of 5D grids of love, unity , self empowerment and highest potentiality of the Person in current consciousness .

Raghida is very aware & present and can see right through into the essence of the Soul of the person / group / groups she works with to bring about healing , wholeness , unity and centredness . This is done through her voice toning , sacred geometry imbuing , encoding of sacred maths and channeled wisdom directly into the individual or collective soul star she calibrates whether it’s in private session or in group talks, seminars or workshops .

Her other level of expertise is in Shamanic training , tracking and calibrating medicine in the light body through the Inka Shamanic tradition . She is a Full Mesa Carrier of the 13th Rites in the Laica , Inka And Quero traditions . Her ability to see through the dimensions and bring back right relationship ( AINE), wellness , health, peace , light and love back into life through the soul of a person . From that space it will be filtrate into and through the physical , emotional , mental , psychological and soul bodies . This empowers , activates and awakens the cellular memory of the person back to higher consciousness and an awakened state of being .

This is the time to embrace the higher level of evolution and awaken DNA light codes that have been dormant in humanity through out the last Melliniea & the Ages of Pisces. As we entered into the Photon Belt in 2012 , The Age of Light is now upon us led through the Gateways of The Golden Age of Aquarius into the Dawn of a new light . Raghida’s ability to assist as a conduit in allowing the light codes , quotients and discs to awaken the ancient wisdom , memory and inner wholeness back to the individual/s is pivotal at this time in human evolution , awakening and calibrating into higher levels of awareness into current time .