Raghida is a New Earth Healer,
Twin Flame Consultant, Shaman
and 12D Ascension Activator. She has
been a well known healer in the industry
for over 25 years.

Her passion is to facilitate change and bring every soul she touches back to Harmony, Peace & Equilibrium within.

Her divine soul mission is to work with people all over the world to bring forth their highest potentiality in whatever the inner urgings of their heart calls forth. Her ability is to access the chambers of the soul within and see what their gifts, life mission, passion, soul yearning and commitment to wholeness of the overall wellbeing of the Soul into Self Mastery.

Raghida is able to gently coalesce the mind, body soul connection into a unified grid through her 12D activations and Sacred Geometric Templates which she binds and awakens at the cellular level for each person individually . This assists individuals to move from 3D into the embodiment of 12D grids of love, unity, self empowerment and highest potentiality of the Person in current consciousness.

I'm really excited for my healing journey tonight!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to the questions we receive the most about our services.
If we missed anything, please do not hesitate to contact us. We’ll be happy to help

If you feel called Raghida runs initial consultations for 33-44 minutes for $333 USD ( first time clients only)

For appointment enquiries or to re schedule or for any questions relating to Raghida’s services kindly submit an enquiry on the website or email us: Admin@raghida.com.

Raghida often answers questions on her tiktok and social media which you are welcome to browse, if youd like a specific answer you can schedule a 33-minute call with Raghida for first time clients
Broadly: Raghida is a mesa carrier shaman, twin flame consultant, 12 ascension activator & new earth healer. However, her sessions are completely bespoke

Follow our social media for all event updates or refer to the “events” tab on the website for details

All mentoring is hosted in person with Raghida, she will undertake the mentoring with you in the city she is working out of OR for domestic clients, Sydney or her property in Byron Bay NSW.

Yes of course Raghida also performs Zoom/ skype calls for overseas clients, including mentoring and womb wesquero work.

Your shaman healer will likely provide guidance, but general preparation might include setting intentions, practicing mindfulness, and maintaining an open and receptive mindset.

Remember, this FAQ is meant to provide general information. For personalised guidance and advice, reach out to a qualified shaman healer.

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Book a 33 minute consultation with Raghida

*first time clients only