Twin Flames: The Divine Purpose, The debilitating Pain and The Power of love

Twinflames :- The Divine Purpose, The debilitating Pain and The Power of love & Life through this Incredibly Life Changing Soul Experince

Since moving into the Age of Light effectively December 22, 2012 and we now have furthered into human evolution there is a mammoth awakening for civilisation to come into a time of peace, harmony & love at a very deep core level form within. There is a stirring for Deep Divine Union of Love in order to bring balance, growth, regeneration and restoration of love back into Earth and all inhabitants on this magnificent planet. Many Advanced souls whether they are aware of it or not have come into physical existence at this time to facilitate this process. Twin flames are leading it and through their sacred connections where the souls firstly explode into unity before they can even become aware of what it is in 3d (in their physical body). It usually happens quite unexpectedly, very randomly, at not a convenient time and with explosive precision that both souls are left speechless, ripped open bare to the soul, very confronted and very quickly brings on deep deep levels of love & the polarity of that as well with deep deep levels of pain, exposure, rawness and into a state of mindlessness where nothing in your old world makes sense anymore. Its like Your life is ripped from underneath you with no warning and no preparation could have ever foreseen this coming. It usually comes after a short period of intense deep love experienced by both twins (known as the bubble of love), its natural to connect with your twin so easily in the beginning, feels very familiar for both twins, both are propelled into a state of ecstasy, love and connection beyond anything ever experienced before. The connection usually remains for a very short space of time in 3D whilst both attempt to go back to their normal life which no longer is there! No matter how much they both try to bring that old world back! Nothing is the same after the explosion of the souls come into unity that the heart and soul create without any permission form the mental mind , emotional body or physical body. The connection remains regardless of circumstances in the 3rd Dimensional plane, usually it moves to a soul level connection for both twins in order for each twin to then embrace their own spiritual evolution, growth, awakening, healing, expansion and radical self love energy back into their own lives before they can reconnect if that what both souls have chosen to do prior to incarnation. Usually this process occurs naturally as one of the twins or both withdraw from the connection after the first activation/ meeting / union in the 3rd. When the soul comes back into the body both twins feel this incredible twin-flame love right into your core in the centre of your chest, into your bones, into your atoms, into our DNA, into your molecular structure & into your thoughts. It just never goes away.

Its the highest life changing experience any soul can go through if you so choose to grow, work and persistently expand with this experience into radical self love. The relationship becomes so much about the relationship to the self mirrored through your twins soul. Even the POWER AND DEEP UNCONDITIONAL LOVE between both twins in the beginning in this dimension on a phyiscal level can’t keep them together after both souls give & receive their activation and awakening codes through the light and sound of the soul, both twins then must separate and split to begin their own individual journey with this painful heart wrenching alone journey delving deeply into the crevices of their own soul. It becomes an inner battle, challenge and The purpose of that is for each soul to awaken, experiences deeper deeper levels of unconditional love of self and to your twin, experience between them In the beginning, both have to go and work within their own energy fields and heal all past traumas , hurts, unending griefs, karmic binds, karmic imprints, unresolved relationships , karmic completion on all levels and come into a place of wholeness, oneness and deep balance within the self first and foremost. The purpose of twin-flames meeting again in this lifetime serves several purposes.


  1. To awakens both souls to the highest level of evolution for both souls according to their own timing and free will,
  2. To open up both twins to their highest potentiality in the gifts they house in their own soul & harnessing those gifts to fruition and shared amongst the planet for evolution and anchoring new levels of wisdom, intelligence, awakening and understanding,
  3. Both twins learn through the pain/love connection with their twin soul frequency to hold and anchor UNCONDITIONAL LOVE within themself first, with each other, with humanity & anchoring these high level frequencies on the planet for evolution,
  4. To change the templates on the planet from karmic and low level 3d relationships to 5d Divine union, 5d soul counterparts , 5d soul partnerships and 5d soul unity connections,
  5. For the twins to merge again & reunite as a couple if thats both souls purpose & written prior (according to divine decree) to incarnation,
  6. To break Collective World Soul Wounds and old patterns that no longer serve evolution, including:- breaking old dogmas, removing control of the general public, break down & expose the heirarchy & domination of the elite, heal destructive familial pattern de-construction , release genetic wounds, reset & heal DNA wounds, Break down of institutional corruption, Exposition of pharmaceutical manipulation in modern medicine, Awareness and awakening of old forms of schooling into self empowerment and power to the people through self knowledge, understanding and education
  7. To bring through the diamond light children for the twins that will bring through their creation the new children on the planet. The Diamond light children have no karma as their parents have merged in union through the grids of divine and deep unconditional love of each other and them self individually . These children are the new avatar , Lyra Stargate children of deep love , deep gifts, deep unity and deep connection back onto the planet to take effect and anchor the next 7 generations .


This blog will continue with further information in the coming week/s , stay tuned.


With deep divine honour & humble service to my soul and my divine purpose on this planet


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