11:11 Gateway Divine Masculine / Divine Feminine Grids

The 11/11 gateway portal that is open today is crucial to humanity at this time. Being so closely aligned to the Second Super Moon is very synchronistic. It’s bringing in very strong and potent light codes, activations and atomic openings to assist humanity with the DNA awakening and upgrading of our Light meridians systems. It’s like we are a super computer and the “Hardware”(our bodies) is getting a mammoth synchronistic alignment direct from Source a Higher light attunement into our “soft ware” (i.e. our cells, tissues, electro and biochemical systems within our body). How this serves us is it upgrades and upshifts our level of awareness, increases the amount of light in our cells, activates higher intelligence, awakens ancient wisdoms locked in our Molecular structure, activates atomic-energy in our nucleus & upshifts our binary codes (1,0) in our bodies to tighter merged encodings of the golden & platinum DNA codes. This is happening to all humanity and on the 11/11 gateway portal is more heightened , especially leading to a Super full moon ( November 14th being the second of three this year). What this means is more light , energy , source power and higher awareness will bring more awakening to people , upshifts and upgrades of DNA and higher levels of bliss & soma openings in our Pineal Gland , hypothalamus and pituitary glands. As we become lighter , more awake and activated through the photon belt our entire system goes into higher-wisdom, rejuvenation, vitality, optimum health and pure ecstasy of happiness . This is a 5th frequency embodiment and leads to higher level love, light and bliss within naturally. A time known by the ancients as “The Dawn of the Golden Age”. 11:11 brings alignment of balance, upgrade of DNA, awakening, synchronicity & twin-soul connections. It’s a shared frequency they have at a soul level and emit that purity of love as a unified field. All in divine time, order, ease and grace.

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